According to Obaidul Quader, the BNP has begun to oppose India without having a valid grievance to raise.

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 Obaidul Quader stated that the BNP has started opposing India without having any legitimate issue to stand against.

According to Obaidul Quader, the BNP has begun to oppose India without having a valid grievance to raise.
Obaidul Quader, minister of roads and bridges

Obaidul Quader, Minister of Road Transport and Bridges and General Secretary of the Awami League, said that the BNP has started to oppose India without any legitimate political cause during an iftar item and Eid gift distribution event held at the AL's Dhaka district office. Quader underlined that since the Pakistani era, the Awami League has frequently been the target of this method, which involves utilizing the anti-Indian issue as a tool for criticism. He pointed out that similar strategy had previously been used against Bangabandhu and is currently being used against his daughter Sheikh Hasina. Quader emphasized the distinction in strategy between the BNP and the Awami League by pointing out that the former organizes iftar gatherings, while the latter concentrates on providing iftar supplies to the less fortunate.

"We are committed to providing iftar supplies to the general public, but the BNP plans iftar gatherings for their personal gain. This demonstrates the essential distinction between the Awami League and the BNP," he clarified.

He urged partygoers to get involved in helping to distribute iftar supplies to the city's underprivileged.

In their political undertakings, the BNP prioritizes power and personal gain, while the Awami League is committed to bettering the lives of the people, as Quader stressed.

He gave India high marks for helping Bangladesh fend off attempts to sabotage the country's elections.

He regretted that opponents persisted in saying that India had a hand in the Awami League's win, notwithstanding Sheikh Hasina's resounding victory in the polls. 

According to the speaker, the people of Bangladesh used their right to vote with the help of India, who stood by them to stop any attempts to sabotage the national elections.

It was claimed that some prices, like those of onions, have begun to decline in relation to the rising costs of necessities. It is hoped that additional cuts will be made to lower the cost of these products for the general public.

Along with talks by a number of notable people, including Salman F. Rahman, Quamrul Islam, Abdul Baten, and Benzir Ahmed, Paniruzzaman Torun, the general secretary of Dhaka District AL, led the program. 


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