Bangladesh is about to be subjugated by another nation: Mirza Abbas

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 Bangladesh on the brink of being engulfed by a neighboring nation: Mirza Abbas


Bangladesh is about to be subjugated by another nation: Mirza Abbas
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Smaller nations were engulfed one after another by larger nations or were en route to be engulfed by larger nations. Bangladesh is moving in that direction, said Mirza Abbas, a member of the standing committee of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), on Wednesday.

He urged party officials and activists to think about why the government thwarted the BNP's large-scale demonstration on October 28 of last year at an iftar program.

The Ladies Club in Eskaton, Dhaka hosted the iftar on behalf of the Doctors Association of Bangladesh (DAB), a medical group that supports the BNP.

As the principal guest, Tarique Rahman, the acting chairman of the BNP, gave a virtual speech.

The catastrophe that happened on October 28 requires us to consider the damage it did to us. We need to reflect on our actions and the reasons behind the government's actions. In 1971, we freed this nation from the control of another nation. We had a carefully considered strategy that called for this nation to have voting rights, independence, and sovereignty. However, we are without anything. We have to remember that certain individuals or the nation have certain goals, stated Mirza Abbas.

 "If we study the history of India, Bangladesh, and Indo-Pakistan, smaller countries were devoured or were being devoured by a certain country one after another," he continued. Bangladesh is currently heading in that path.

The recently released BNP leader issued a warning, saying that in the situation of Bangladesh, this would not be feasible. "In 1971, we seen the potential of the Bangladeshi people. When given a chance, this nation's citizens will once again prove their mettle.

Leading party figures attended the iftar event, which was emceed by DAB president Harun Al Rashid. 

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